Traveling to Inspiration


After meeting in a Vancouver kitchen, and years of working their way through reputable restaurants, Tyler and Cassandra embarked on a six month trek throughout Europe, gaining inspiration for an idea which would soon become Duft and Co. Bakehouse. Using Tyler’s palate and dedication for the savoury side of cooking, and Cassandra’s experience and passion for baking, the two have aimed to create a selection of fresh, European style fare, unlike anything else available in the Fraser Valley.

Due to its welcoming nature and boutique setting, Montrose Ave in Historic Downtown Abbotsford was unquestionably the right location for the Bakehouse. The community of Abbotsford has an appreciation for fresh, natural, and high quality product, which is what the Bakehouse stands for. This makes Abbotsford the perfect place for Tyler and Cassandra to showcase and share their love of food, coffee, people, and each other.